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Start Here – About Evolving Creatively

welcome evolving creatively

Let me start by saying that Evolving Creatively is a project that is the culmination of many years of study across many fields including art, self-help, social justice, revolutionary studies, spirituality, and evolutionary consciousness. My work is informed by scholarship, manifestos, art works, conversation, spiritual texts, popular culture, lots of music, and the natural world.

At the heart of Evolving Creatively is what Dr. Jean Houston calls “The Potential Human”. I see potential humans as the people we are destined to become; they are you and I. We are changing and evolving every day, and every choice we make is either in favor of evolving peacefully into the enlightened people and societies that we so desperately desire, or in favor of maintaining the status quo of imperialist people and societies…of death, destruction and domination.

When You Are Ready To Make A Shift, You Are Ready To Evolve Creatively

For those of you who feel called to be in service to our evolving world and your higher self, you are surrounded by other human beings who are also answering the call. How do you know if you are ready for this kind of change?  When you find yourself  thinking/saying/feeling “This just isn’t working anymore.”  For me, it started as a whisper in the quiet moments between my minds attempts to gain control over the chaos in my life. When you are ready to explore new ideas, you will be joining millions of others around the world who are also stepping past fear into new ways of being. The outcome of this growth is the creation of a better world for ourselves, the people we love, and even people we have never met. You are surrounded by people who will be inspired to answer their own calling simply by seeing the example you set in your life and your new ways of being.

If you have doubts about what is possible, all you have to do is look around and see that even among the death and destruction of our times, there is so much to be hopeful about. In the darkest times, it has been those who are willing to do good, no matter what, that can turn the tide and push back evil. It’s easy to get caught up in the rhetoric of the current system… the propagandists, the hate mongers, the shit stirrers. They are not exclusive to any one group, party, or position, but what they share in common is a competitive, destructive nature. If we refocus some of our attention away from all that’s wrong, we will find so many people actively creating positive change in their lives and communities through righteous action like scholarship, community building, volunteering, mentoring, creative pursuits, etc.  Change is not only coming, it is already happening.

Be The Change You Want To See

One of the fundamental pieces of evolving our world is evolving yourself. This involves shifting from a sole focus on changing the external world to bringing your consciousness to evolving your internal world…your personal ways of being, doing, and relating into alignment with the greater good. If you are anything like me, you’ve probably spent alot of time wishing other people and systems were different, perhaps kinder, more loving, more inclusive, etc. One key to feeling happier, more open and at peace with the challenges and opportunities of life is to stop waiting for others or the outside world to change and start generating that change in yourself and your ways of being, no matter what. It’s not about “being a doormat” or burying your head in the sand.. it’s living by the values you have identified as crucial to your personal evolution, and taking control over the thing in your life you actually can control, yourself. It’s living in alignment with your true self, not living reactively and at the mercy of the outside world. 

So much of how we relate to ourselves and the world around us is shaped by the imperialist system that has dominated the planet for thousands of years. It is geared towards domination of all things, and suppression of the heart. It is too often about being number one, being right, being the best, having the most..a very externally focused existence that leads to a deep sense of personal dissatisfaction, disconnection, and loneliness and societal violence, oppression, and degradation. It’s important to understand that the major shift that needs to take place is not to abandon or degenerate masculine power, but to take the best of it and balance it with feminine power, with heart. When strength is balanced with heart, there is nothing more powerful.

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