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Those Hearts Which Lie Wide Open Will Find The Light…

Evolving creatively Pink rose with yellow center
Say Yes To Life Supporting You As You Create A New Reality. Welcome a new understanding of life and reality. Believe that life supports you, and you will be empowered to manifest what you most deeply desire. The belief that life supports you can sustain you through both challenges and opportunities that arise on your journey to create a new life.  This print is available in my Etsy shop here.


Over the past several years, I have developed a deep love for floral photography. During my darkest hours, the flowers I find growing all around the city of San Francisco have often been my salvation…acting as touchstones to shift me into listening to my inner wisdom and remembering that I have a choice to not listen to the rantings of my ego. I find them in parks, gardens, San Francisco’s many sidewalk jardins, blooming on trees, peeking through fences, and even growing from cracks in the sidewalk.

Eckhart Tolle reminds us that flowers are the evolution of plants, much like our higher consciousness is the evolution of our lower consciousness.  I believe that doing our personal work is the beginning of the process of showing up in life as our best selves, and in turn, we are able to create the changes we most deeply desire in the world.

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Rise Up And Tell A New Story Of Your Life…Everything changes when we shift our story to abundance, connection, and limitless possibility. Our stories about ourselves, life, and what is possible make us expand or retract in the face of life. Do not look for affirmations, listen for deeper truths and act as your greatest advocate.

Raison d’être

Regardless of your age, you probably feel a sense that you can no longer wait to create a better life for yourself and that we as humans can no longer wait to make necessary changes to create a better world. For many of us, our personal lives are just as messy and in need of attention and overhaul as the state of the world.  If we start with working on ourselves, we can improve our own lives and become empowered to change the world.

Sutro cactus
Make A Commitment To Yourself And The Flourishing Of Life . Show up and commit to yourself and your dreams in a powerful way. It is a major step towards manifesting a new reality for your life . Within that space of deep commitment, use the freedom you have to create a life that supports your flourishing, and the flourishing of the things you love.

After years of struggling with feelings of insecurity, depression, anger, loneliness, disconnection and not making the contribution to the world that I desperately wanted to make, my life shifted to feeling limitless, empowered, hopeful, connected, and capable of being part of the conversation about making our world a better place. You can read more on my personal story herehere .  I embraced the principles of a co-creative life.

There was no magic pill. There were lots of feel good ideas and positive thinking, and those positive thoughts and ideas were followed up by lots of hard work. Through a series of teachers, I learned the tools to, as Iyanla Vanzant says, DO MY WORK. And from doing my work, and continuing to do my work, I have discovered the secrets to living a co-creative life.

Life does not control me…I co-create every experience of my life with life. 

Living A Co-Creative Life

A co-creative life is one where you embrace the power and freedom you do possess to create the life you want. A co-creative life is shifting out of feeling like life is happening to you, and realizing that it is happening through you. Indeed, there are many things happening that are beyond your control. When you embrace co-creativity, you realize that focusing on what you can’t control takes away the power you do posses.

evolving creatively passion flower lr
You Are Living A Co-Creative Life…Embrace Your Power. Life cannot be controlled, nor does it control you…it is a co-creative process. Your thoughtful response to people and situations, your freedom to use all available resources to create the life you desire, your ability to make meaning, your freedom to be self referential…these are just a few of the foundations of a creative life. You are not free in all areas of your life, but if you look closely, you will always find ways to use what power you have to influence any situation.

It is not about getting around challenges or disappointments, it is about learning to transcend obstacles, be they internal or external, through your choices. Powerful obstacles do exist, as does great evil and deep suffering, but you can use your freedom to challenge ideas of the all encompassing power of evil while you create the structures needed to create a new world.

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