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Friday April 20th





let it all be with ease

Tuesday April 17

Yesterday, a woman started talking to me about my “golden hair” and kept calling me Rapunzel. As I’ve been on this path of saving myself – I wasn’t thrilled but I accepted the compliment. I looked up the story on Wikipedia and found an interesting story. There are several classic stories that mirror Rapunzel’s, but are much older.

“Extremely similar myths include that of the Baltic solar goddess Saulė, who is held captive in a tower by a king. [12]”

Saulė was held captive until she was saved by the zodiac, using a giant sledgehammer.  I suppose the lady got the archetype correct because I WAS freed from prison of illusion by a divine body yielding a sledgehammer. It wasn’t intentional, but it’s true. Life is crazy like that.

Monday April 16 – I’ll dream of gardens

Sunday April 15 – When you wake