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You Are Evolving


An evolved you is not only possible, it is already happening.

In Ekhart Tolle’s A New Earth, he shares that for millions of years, there were only plants covering the surface of the earth.  One day, the first flower appeared, and eventually, there was a critical mass of blooming flowers, filling the land with color, beauty and delicious scents. It’s easy to forget that many of the most beautiful things in life are the product of evolution – that even the most rough objects can transform into things of beauty. As a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, a rock can transform into a crystal. Humanity has evolved from disunited groups of cave dwellers, to farming communities, through the Renaissance, the Reformation, democratized and industrialized, all the way to today’s ever evolving, technology driven, knowledge based, globalized societies. The nature of humanity, like all living things on earth, is to evolve. And while human beings tend to crave stability, in reality, we are in a constant state of flux.

Have you ever thought of yourself as an evolving being, because you are. Like flowers are the evolution of plants, our higher consciousness is the evolution of our lower consciousness. For many of us, our striving and aspiring to bigger and better things has been directed towards material goods and status. Life has taught me that my deepest happiness does not come from the outside. Material goods and status are life enhancements at best, and they have nothing to do with who you truly are. Only a stronger, more powerful inner self will bring you true happiness. This pulse towards internal, personal evolution is the next phase of human evolution and potential. Contemporary life is filled with many challenges that a new car, great job or gorgeous Italian leather boots just can’t fix. It’s also filled with amazing opportunities for every man, woman and child on the planet. What we need for today’s challenges and opportunities is to be interacting with the world around us as our higher selves, evolved beyond the lower ways of being that may have worked in the past, but no longer serve us today.


I love this image of sunflowers blowing in the wind because I often feel this way in my day to day life…pushed and pulled by the forces of life and the world around me, trying to stand tall and weather the storm.  I know that when the storm is over, I can revel in the sun again. Rain or shine, I continue to grow and evolve.  For the flower, like us, the challenges of rain and wind also present opportunities for growth.

As I walk around the city, flowers not only uplift my spirits, they also act as awareness reminders. Awareness is one of our greatest gifts when it comes to evolving our consciousness. There we are, one minute feeling full of love and possibility, and then wham, a stranger slams into you on the street without a word of apology, or worse, you are betrayed by someone you trust. Events like these can leave us spiraling in frustration, hurt, and turning to coping mechanisms inherited from generations of dysfunctional relations. In these moments, flowers can ground you and allow you to shift back to evolving consciousness. Instead of getting (and staying) angry, losing energy and feeling victimized, allow the stronger, wiser part of yourself to step in to comfort and mentor yourself back to balance and to find appropriate ways to deal with the pain that does not cause more wounding.  I can be the master of inflicting more self-wounding by personalizing events in ways that feed into low self-esteem. It’s an ongoing process to answer my negative reactions from the parts of myself that truly are confident and know that the way people treat me has alot more to do with them than it does with me.  It’s a process, but it’s working, and with time, it becomes my “new normal”.


The beautiful thing is that every time you make a choice towards your higher consciousness, it gets easier and easier, and you begin to shift towards a better you.  A better, happier you living lighter and freer, as your best self.  You also shift towards a better you for your children, partner, friends, and family. I look at evolving towards my higher consciousness as a process of mid-wifing. A mid-wife helps a mother through the process of bringing new life into the world, and that is what we are doing…we are truly bring new life into the world by bringing a higher, more evolved versions of ourselves into relationship with the world around us.

Recognize that you have the opportunity to make a shift in your life, to harness the energies of change and evolution happening all around you to create a better life for yourself and everyone around you.

During this process, let flowers be the reminder that you are evolving and that a happier, more empowered life is your destiny, and the destiny of our world.  It all begins when we choose to co-create with life for the good of humanity through our choices, actions, and ways of being.  And in doing so, we are also mid-wifing a new earth.

All photos by Christine. 

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