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Healing Is A Creative, Holistic Process

Welcome to Evolving Creatively. My services are designed to support you in creating a life you love while feeling more peace, joy, and freedom.

I offer holistic coaching and integration as we explore your life experience on 4 levels – Emotional, Mental, Behavioral, and Spiritual. I combine this with key embodiment practices to strengthen the connection between mind, body, and spirit.

What we will work toward together is self-acceptance, self-knowledge, and self-care. You will learn to heal, nurture, and empower yourself.

My process isn’t built around feeding you answers and telling you what to do with your life; it’s built around discovering where you are limiting yourself, shifting and healing long-term patterns, learning self-care & empowerment, and opening up to using your skills and capacities to your greatest advantage.

Together We Will Explore 4 Levels of Human Experience & Design A Personalized Healing and Growth Plan

Healing on the Emotional Level

Working on the emotional level is about learning to identify your feelings and where you are suppressing them. You will learn to feel emotions without judgment and move through them instead of suppressing them. We often don’t even know we are suppressing our emotions through coping techniques like avoidance, numbing, and procrastination. Even good advice to be strong, positive, and unbothered is often bypassing and suppressing emotions that pop out later as anger, frustration, and overwhelm. I will work with you to create new ways of approaching your emotions that lead to feeling free, peaceful, and empowered.

When you heal and evolve on the emotional level, you are able to be more present, open, and creative. You begin to live free of the past and create your life based on where you are today. Healing on the emotional level brings more freedom, creativity, and confidence – key ingredients for creating your best life.

Healing on the Mental Level

Working on the mental level is about shifting unexamined, limiting beliefs through the lens of the stories and narratives operating in your life. Much like working with emotions, you will work on awareness and acceptance of your limiting beliefs so you can make conscious choices and shift away from living your life through reactions. You will identify new beliefs rooted in self-acceptance and self-love, beliefs that support your healing and evolution. You will work on pattern interruption and mind/body coherence that will allow you to create presence and make empowered choices.

Healing on the Behavioral Level

In working on the Behavioral Level, you address the subconsciously driven behaviors that are leading you away from empowered action. You might be surprised to discover that we begin with developing your self-care practices and conscious-choice practices. Self-care is the gateway to transformation because it requires a commitment in word and action to your own well-being. My goal is to support you in learning to shift your behavior “in the moment.” Until we repeatedly practice new thoughts and behaviors, we tend to show up in the same ways. Instead of feeling shame and frustration that you’re “not changing”, I want to support you in responding to habitual patterns with new choices. This allows you to create transformation in your life and shift long-standing behaviors that hinder your freedom and happiness.

Healing on the Spiritual Level

What does it mean to be Spiritual? I believe it is when love, compassion, and connection are the foundations of your value system. It means believing there is something greater out there that you are connected to, along with all other beings in the universe. When you connect to your spiritual self, you are never alone, never without options and opportunities. When you work on the spiritual level, you will learn that you are, as Rumi says, “The beloved’s beloved”. You are not just a worker, a citizen, or any other “identity” – you are stardust, you are energy, and you are connected to all of life. That is one of your superpowers, and we will develop it, together.

Bringing It All Together

When you think about some of the pressing issues in your life, I invite you to picture them through these 4 lenses of transformation. First, how do you process emotionally? Do you find yourself angry and frustrated? Do you procrastinate or avoid the situation? Mentally, do you find yourself thinking limiting beliefs that leave you few options or potential solutions? In your behaviors, are you still saying yes when you want to say no for example? Do you know you need to make a change but struggle to get started? Spiritually, do you feel alone in this? Do you feel like there is something more than what you see?

Together, we will work on healing and evolving your life on these different levels. It is this holistic, creative process that makes change more effective and long-lasting.

About Christine

Christine is a transformational coach who brings together practical, proven coaching techniques with divine feminine wisdom to support you in bringing your full self to the world: your brilliance and wisdom, your years of learning and experience, and your beautiful heart and intuition. I believe you have everything you need to create the life you desire. Together, we will uncover obstacles and strengths that will change your life.


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Evolving Creatively

Founded in 2015 by Christine Donley, Evolving Creatively is based in San Francisco, CA. We accept clients from all over the world via Zoom and other online platforms.